Saturday, May 28, 2011

When good people pray

“When good people pray, the Lord listens, but he ignores those who are evil.” – Proverbs 15:29

We often hear people say that prayer is powerful (which is true). It could change a critical situation to a safer and normal one; it could heal people from a terrible sickness; it delivers each of us from temptation and evil and so on & so fort. Indeed, prayer is something that we rely on in situations beyond our control. But, there are times (I think this is more common than the first one) that people don’t understand why their prayers are not answered. There are some who don’t even believe at the power of it at all. We normally hear questions like, “Why is it that God doesn’t answer my prayer?” “Does He really care?” “You think He can give me what I’m asking for?” “Can He really make a miracle happen?” “How long do I have to pray before He hears me?” These are just some of the questions we normally ask when our prayers are not immediately (or not at all) answered. When God has been silent from us, we tend to look for the answers on our own. We try our best to come up with all possible reasons why our prayers are left unanswered.

Often times, we compare ourselves with others, thinking that, maybe the reason why God hears his or her prayers is because they’re more involved in church activities, they donate more to charity, they spend hours reading their Bible, etc.

Sometimes, we overlook the situation. We come up with different conclusions, and then in the end, we became more jealous and disappointed with ourselves, with others, and with God.

God does not need all our pious works. Yes, He is pleased with those who take time caring for other people, those who meditate on His Words, and those who share His Good News to others, etc. But it does not mean that God only hears them and rejects the others. What God cares about is our intentions whenever we pray. He does not listen to your neighbor’s prayer because he or she reads his or her Bible 15 times a day or because he or she gives his or her tithes and you are not. It is not about our actions, but it’s about our motives. God knows our thoughts. Even though we pray using our mouth, He listens and sees our hearts. He considers the prayer of those people who has unselfish intentions, those who let His will be done, and those who are faithful to His promises.

We pray not only because we want something to happen, or because we are desperate for a miracle. We pray because we want to give Him glory, to thank Him for everything, and for us to communicate with Him. Just take heart. Continue to be faithful to Him. He knows what to give and when to give it. Trust in His right timing.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'am afraid Lord...

5 months from now, I'll be making a very tough decision that will determined my future. A decision which is already giving me terrible time to think about. Leaving this country & working abroad is
something I wanted to do even before this idea of going to Singapore materialized. I already had it in mind. I thought that when you're working in different country, it'll make you rich. It'll make your dreams of having a good & stable life come true. In some cases, these are true. We all know that. But for some, leaving this country is really not the solution.

When you are in a situation that you have to leave everything behind just for the heck of "im-doing-this-for-my-future", it makes you think whether, "Is it worth it?" "Will it work?" "Will it make things happen for me?". Sometimes having "reason" is not enough. You need to dig deeper, sometimes you need to have a purpose.

It is hard, it is terrifying to be there, on your own, not exactly sure what the future holds for you. That's what I'am feeling right now. I'm terrified to leave everything behind here, and to take the risk without having the assurance that once I get there, everything will be ok. That everything will go as planned.

I sometimes laugh at myself for feeling and thinking this way. I, who keeps on telling other people to TRUST God with all their heart, who always tells everyone that our God is a God who will PROVIDE, who always assures her friends that GOD KNOWS WHAT TO GIVE US, AND WHEN TO GIVE IT, is losing her faith and now clouded with fear & doubt.

My mind is battling against my heart. My mind dictates that I should be logical & practical. It keeps on telling me that I should do things on my own. That I'am the only one who can make my plans to come true. But my heart knows better. My heart keeps on reminding me to trust God in spite of all the pressure, doubt, fear and uncertainty. I'm telling you, it is not easy. Our mind and heart (ideally) should go hand & hand. They should go together in a perfect harmony to come up with the best solution or answer. But if one them is in contrary with the other, it leads us to confusion.

(My iTunes is now playing Forever by Chris Tomlin, search for the lyrics, the message is just what I needed, I think God is telling me something..)According to Harold Sala (author of "When your heart cries out to God"), "if Jesus is the Master of your life, there is no room for fear". I know this is true. God is our source of hope, life, and ultimate planner of our future, and as long as God exists, we can be assured that He will not let anything bad happens to us. That our future is secured, and our life is in His loving hands.

It is really important to have somebody around you that will always remind you of God's love, promises and someone who will constantly pray for you. I'm lucky to have those kind of people around me. They are God's way of telling me to keep my faith, and to hold on to His Words.

I'm praying that God will continue to teach me on how to trust in His promises and to strengthen my faith. This is His way of refining me and molding me to become the person He purposely created me for.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Being busy is not an excuse

It’s been a while. My last entry was way back March 14 and it’s now the 28th, 3 days before we hit the month of April. Honestly, I’ve been very busy and occupied with too many things. There’s this new laptop, which, unfortunately took my focus out from my daily Bible readings & devotionals (I haven’t confessed it yet, again, been busy thinking of some other things). I’ve wanted to have this device for so long and the excitement it brought me when it finally arrived was so great. So great that it caused me some sleepless nights, skipped meals, and lack of time for Him-this is the worst part of all. Another activity that took my focus off of my regular blogging activity is my tedious and well-planned Cebu trip. Yes, I know this might sound exaggerated, but it’s all worth it! The planning and countless itinerary revisions caused me to loose some of my precious time & some headaches (and a couple of my notebook’s These activities took a hold of my time and my mind out from what I should really be doing on my free time-and that is, meditating on His word and communicating with Him, through prayer.

I’am guilty and I don’t have an excuse for it. I was so thrilled with all the activities heading my way. I was excited with everything. I’m busy. I thought I deserved this. I thought I needed to have a break-not just from work, but with all the reading and meditating. It’s time for me to have fun!

Earlier today, I had the chance to read His Word again. Well, even when I was in Cebu, I was reading my Bible, but honestly, I did not understand much of it. I think it is because I’m not seeking Him during that time. Again, I’m preoccupied with so many things. It’s like I’m only reading it so that I could tell to myself that I’m not missing out on His word. So that He will be pleased with me, knowing that I’m reading His word even though I’m on a vacation (gosh, my stupidity is being emphasized here).

I really felt bad when I realized what I did for the past days. He didn’t deserve to be ignored, especially after giving me so many blessings, after giving me another year to enjoy this world, and after giving me so many reasons to be happy. No, He definitely deserved my time, my service, my commitment, & my life.

God knows my weaknesses, my limitations, the things or reasons that might caused me to sin or to be tempted. He can read my thoughts, my heart & He understands my feelings. He completely knows my capability, my dreams, my plans and He holds my future. These are just some of the wonderful things that our God can do. But despite of His greatness and omnipresence, we still forget that a being like him, who longs for our time and our heart, is in existence. He is real. He is alive.

I don’t want the time to come when I will just remember praying and reading His Word when I’m in deep trouble, or experiencing depression or heartache. I don’t want to call upon the Lord only when I’m in terrible situation. But instead, I want to remember God all the days of my life. When I’m happy, excited, thankful, teary-eyed, hungry, nervous, joyful, alone, sad, contented, etc.

My prayer is that God will teach me to love Him more than anyone or anything in this world. To give me the boldness & courage to share the Good News to those who are willing to receive it, and to give my life in service to others, just like what Jesus did.

I know God will be with me every step of the way. He will never forget me. He will never take a break or will go on a vacation. He’s with me 24/7, 365 days.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Be still, and know that we have a God..

Revolutions in the Middle East, earthquakes in New Zealand, tsunami in Japan. These news has been circulating both foreign and local news for the past months. Fear and worry has covered the lives of many. But what's worse is, a lot has been spreading false news that creates terror that only worsen the situation.

Because of the recent events, many are associating these as one of the signs that the end of time is near. Some say that 2012 is indeed the end of age. Speculations after speculations are popping up. Some are non-responsive to these (whether they don't care about it, or they know better than what other people are saying)kind of issues. But for some, because of fear and uncertainty on what could happen to them if the end of world will come, these events causes them to panic and to rely on something or someone that could give them assurance that nothing bad will happen to them. Which eventually leads them in believing false teachings/teachers.

Fear causes people to be uncertain. Terror leads to hopelessness. Certain events in our lives, such as those we are experiencing right now, is a reminder that there is a BEING, more powerful than these catastrophe. A reliable and ever dependable FATHER that will cause no harm to His children. A SAVIOR that will reach out to every sinner and will ensure that everyone is in safe hands. God wanted us to depend, rely, trust in Him more than ever before. He wanted us to be still, and for us to understand that whatever happens in this world, that only through Him, that we are gonna be safe.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Untitled Poem

I'm not really good when it comes to composing blogs or poems. But I think my heart has found a way on how I can express my gratitude to my one & only God. This poem is still untitled, well maybe I could give it a name some time soon.

When my perfect little world has crashed,
All my hopes & his sweet promises has been thrown to trash.
Pain was never introduced to me in a gravity like this,
I guess my world is not really a picture of bliss.

I thought life is just so unfair,
Why do I have to live alone without a pair?
Is this gonna be my fate 'till the end?
Can I just pretend like this disaster never happened?

When everything seems to be too painful & out of hand,
There was someone above who didn't let go of my precious hand.
I never knew He was watching over me,
I guess I was blinded, that's why I didn't see.

He loves me more than anything in this world,
I'm His masterpiece that He now unfolds.
He cares for me like a precious gem, more valuable than gold.
His love is a wonderful story that should be told.

Jesus, my Messiah, thank you for your endless love,
I will be forever grateful, my hands will lift you up above!
You save me from my sin, you cleanse me from within,
And now I'm as white as snow, no spots, just glow.

My lips will not be sealed, for it will praise you 'till the end,
Oh I love you Jesus, my Savior my Best friend.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank you 2010, Ola 2011!

Happy 2011!! I'm really fascinated on how times passes quickly! And I mean it was just unbelievable. I never thought that my 2010 will end up like this. I was so blessed and completely in owe of what Jesus has done in my life. If you could still remember, the start of my 2010 was a mess! Breakup, heartache,disappointment, everything. Name it, I experienced it. But because of God's awesome love & everlasting grace, the mess in the first quarter of last year was turned into a great message. A message of true LOVE.

Last year was a year of true love, friendship, salvation and change. My life will never be the same again. It'll be MORE exciting, awesome and fruitful because I'm living my life now with Jesus as the center of it.

2010 opened my eyes on what really matters. Not only in this lifetime, but on the next (most specially the next).Since the day I acknowledged Jesus as my Savior and Master, He never abandoned me. I never felt lonely. Well, there are still moments of sadness (of course), I still cry for those times I feel depressed, alone, & forgotten. But by God's grace, I was never consumed by those feelings. It didn't took so long for me to be revived and to start again.

And now, I'm on another chapter of my life. Another year that is full of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE. I'm not afraid to face all the battles in my life. I'm not afraid to be hurt. I'm not afraid to fall on my knees again... No, not anymore. Our life here is just a preparation for the next. Whatever we learn here, whatever we face here is something that we need to go through. It's all in His plan. And He knows perfectly what He is doing. I can bet on that.

I will end my 2010 with a thankful heart. Without this year, I won't be who I am right now. Without all the tests that He allowed me to take, I wouldn't know His great love & plan for my life. Thank you Jesus for 2010. I am now ready to face 2011!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our God-Father, Provider

Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Not because it's my rest day, or because it's supposed to be "family day" but because it is the time were I could spend time with my Church, friends & to hear His word. He trully blessed this day.

Every Sunday, after work, I always go to GCF (Greenhills Christian Fellowship) to attend my DIscovery class. But even though I love attending church services and mingle with my fellow brothers & sisters, my heart is always half-hearted in attending the class(I think it's the enemy's way to disctract me). There's this desire in me to just skip it. Like I'm always feeling lazy to attend. But thanks to God's grace, I never miss any of my class! I know He wanted me to take it so that I could be equipped. He always helped we won the temptation & evil desires.

Discovery class is amazing. My teachers (Deacon Dan & Teacher Thelma) are great! God has really given them wisdom to discern and explain His words to each student. I love to hear their experiences. I love be surrounded with wise & responsible adults.They are my motivation. I want to be like them someday.

VCF Sunday never fails to energize me. I remember Pstr. Shaddy's words to my friend when we heard His preaching.. "It keeps on getting better" and indeed, my experience with God, my relationship, is getting better and better every single day!

Last night's preaching was ministered by Pstr Chinkee Tan. VCF center was jam packed! He preached about the series "Overflowing". It talks about God's generosity, His unlimited blessings and how we should ask God.

The service is AMAZING. It is so in time with what I'am facing right now. I really felt that God has re-assured me that nothing is too hard for Him to provide. We only have to ask Him and He will surely give it. He is not only WILLING, but also ABLE.

Pstr Chinkee Tan aslo emphasize that when we ask God, we have to be specific. We have to have the FAITH. Ask Him like child asking a Father.

Some of us are hesitant in asking God for something. Maybe because we are ashame, doubful or impatient. Ashame because we keep on sinning and we thought that God will not grant our prayers. Sin creates a gap between us & God. Sin makes us more dependent on ourselves rather than God's. Some of us are doubtful. Always thinking that God can never supply us the things we need. We always thought that God has a limit. And most of us are impatient. We don't like to wait. We'd take the first step in accomplishing or getting what we need, rather than waiting for God's perfect timing.

Those are only some of the reasons why we don't call upon God for help. But remember, if you are a child of God, you would know that our Father is generous and concerned with our concern. If our earthly father works 5 times a week, if he prioritize the needs of his children more than his own, and if he cares about you, what more is our Heavenly Father? He is our only provider.

I walked out of VCF full of happiness in my heart and a renewed faith. Words cannot express my gratitude for Him. He's just awesome in every way!

Let me just share this verse from the Gospel of Matthew. If you have any doubt that God can provide you your needs, rely on this verse.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him" - Matthew 7:9-11